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Frequently asked questions about our business plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

01 What is TikTok promotion?
This promotion is so you can look the way you deserve online and gain that clout! Would you rather watch a post with 100 views or 10,000...that is the mindset with these promotions. Bigger numbers = Bigger oppurtunity!
02 How does it work?
It's really easy! You choose the promos you want, add them to your cart and checkout. Make sure to provide us with the links to your post in your order notes and all promo start within 24 hours of purchase!
03 Is growing my online presence right for me?
Of course it is! In 2021, if you are not looking credible online and reaching more people daily you are at a massive disadvantage because your competition is! You must stay relevant and look the part in order to thrive online in todays world.
04 Who is in the EDST community?
We work with thousands of clients each month which gives you access to thousands of like minded individuals all with the same goal...to grow daily! Within our community are very high level producers, actors, artists, businesses, influencers and many more ranging from 1,000 followers up to 2M+ followers and verified accounts! It's an amazing place to network and grow and your success will come down to what you make of it!
05 Can I see anyone you work with?
Absolutely! We work with thousands of brands around the world every month but to see just a few of our clients, managers, artists, brands and influencers...go to the "About Us" page and scroll down. You can see tons of people that currently grow with us every month! Once you become a member you gain instant access to our community of thousands of likeminded individuals growing together EveryDay!