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EveryDay Success Team uses innovative marketing techniques to get your music heard by the masses! You need to focus on creating the content and the great music that your fans love. Our job is to get you heard by thousands of people every month!

We target the major cities and music hubs throughout America. All the traffic and listeners we drive is USA based and driven

When individuals visit your Spotify artist profile and also see you have really little fans they automatically think there is a reason, are deterred from listening and also are much less prone to follow than if they seen you had thousands of monthly listeners with a boatload of plays. They will instantly know people like your music and be enticed to listen for themselves!

Big quantities of fans imparts social credibility to your brand name and products so when tomorrows listener finds your page, they are inclined to become a fan! Most of our clients continue to grow far beyond our services well after we stop working together due to this factor. 

If you want to get noticed by labels, management, play shows or just make money from you music which you worked hard on…it all needs the same exact thing. You need to put up big numbers so whoever it is your pitching yourself too knows there are people out there who listen to you and will continue too. We alleviate this stress from our artists while we do the heavy lifting and allow them to solely focus on putting out new music and content!

We are proud of that fact that our team at EveryDay Success Team has extensive social media marketing experience!

About Spotify Services 


We get your artist profile and song links dropped in massive groups of like-minded artists, listeners and people in the industry. Depending on you campaign size, we look to reach anywhere from 50K-250K+ people a month through these advanced marketing techniques.

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We are unique here at EveryDay Success Team because we offer such a large amount of services catering to your goals. We make it easy for you to grow all of your social media on Auto-Pilot while you focus on what’s important…creating great content and music! We’re real people based in the USA ready to help you take your online brand to the next level! Excited to build a long term business relationship with you no matter where you page or music currently is…lets knock some new goals down together!

Why Invest With Us ?

All thriving artists are doing this! Now you know why your music is not getting the recognition it deserves. It’s proven that a larger fan base draws more attention It’s proven that people want to follow artists that have a strong following and quality music. Let us help you join them with our techniques, technology, innovation and connections!