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Follower Gained For Our Clients
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Instagram & Spotify

Instagram – 1000+  Follower Growth

Instagram – 100-125+ Likes on every post

Instagram – 1500-4000+ Views every post

Instagram – Exclusive EDST VIP Comment Group 

Spotify – Est. 3K Streams

Spotify – Est. 300 Saves

Spotify – Est. 300 Follows

Account Manager

Create A Movement!

Instagram & Spotify Package Campaign

IG Followers- 2000+ Monthly Follower Growth

IG Engagement – 250-325+ Likes on every post (unlimited posting)

IG Engagement – Video Promotion – 3500-8000+ Views every post

IG Engagement – VIP Comment Group30+ Comments per post

Spotify – Est. 5K Streams

Spotify – Est. 500 Saves (about 10% of streams)

Spotify – Est. 500 Follows (about 10% of streams)

Account Manager

The executive campaign takes your Instagram page & Spotify profile to the next level at the same time. Ready to make the investment in yourself and become a notable artist/brand online ? We got you covered

Dominate The Market!

Instagram & Spotify Package Campaign

IG Followers – 2750+ Monthly Follower Growth

IG Engagement- 500-625+ Likes on every post (unlimited posting)

IG Engagement- Video Promotion – 7500-15000+ Views every post

IG Engagement – VIP Comment Group30+ Comments per post

Spotify – Est. 10K Streams

Spotify – Est.  1,000 Saves (about 10% of streams)

Spotify – Est. 1,000 Follows (about 10% of streams)

VIP Support

Account Manager

The elite campaign allows you to do what all thriving artists, influencers & brands are doing. This takes your page to the influencer status and will give you exposure that just can’t be done any other way!


If your looking to grow you name as an artist and brand you must be building yourself across multiple platforms to maximize you reach. Using our advanced methods we reach hundreds of thousands of users every single month!

EveryDay Success Team uses innovative advertising methods which include yet aren’t limited to advertising your Instagram & Spotify accounts to high web traffic U.S.A. socials media and sites. There is a great deal much more on your mind than marketing your music and Instagram yet you understand that it is a powerful device for advertising and marketing.

When individuals visit your profiles and see you have very little fans they automatically think it is not a fascinating page and also are much less prone to follow than if they seen you had thousands with lots of engagement.

Most of our clients get tons of USA Instagram followers as well as Spotify growth well after we stop working together due to this factor. If you want to get noticed by labels, management, play shows or just make money from you music which you worked hard on…it all needs the same exact thing. You need to put up big numbers so whoever it is your pitching yourself too knows there are people out there who listen to you and will continue too. We alleviate this stress from our artists and brands while we do the heavy lifting and allow you to solely focus on putting out new music and content!

We are proud of that fact that our team at EveryDay Success Team has extensive social media marketing experience!

About Instagram & Spotify Services

Instagram & Spotify BOOST

We get your account placement in exclusive niche based engagement groups to give you instant exposure on every new post (avg.50-1550 Instagram likes per post) We also offer Celebrity Based Shoutouts to grow your page fast, organically and allow you to compete with all the other thriving artists, influencers & brands…who are all doing this! If you aren’t growing your page to 10K+ followers in 2019 with real engagement, you’re simply not competing. Who wants to listen to a Spotify profile with less than 100 listeners ? We assume the music isn’t good because others are not listening. We change this association and get your music heard and listened to by fans targeted here in the USA! Depending on you campaign size, we look to reach anywhere from 50K-250K+ people a month through these advanced marketing techniques.

Dominate The Market

We are unique here at EveryDay Success Team because we offer such a large amount of services catering to your goals. We make it easy for you to grow all of your social media on Auto-Pilot while you focus on what’s important…creating great content! We’re real people based in the USA ready to help you take your online brand to the next level! Excited to build a long term business relationship with you no matter what size your page currently is…lets knock some new goals down together!

Why Invest With Us ?

All thriving artists, influencers & brands are doing this! Now you know why your account is behind. It’s proven that a larger following draws more attention and more sales! It’s proven that people want to follow accounts that have a strong following and quality content. Let us help you join them with our techniques, technology, innovation and connections!