Mobile App Development (Android & IOS)


Mobile App Development – In an era of technological revolution, no business is entirely complete without its supporting mobile application. Due to the power and features that mobile apps have to offer, the user engagement that businesses can achieve through them is unparalleled to that of any other medium. However, a major factor in attracting a new base of more than one million customers to your business is to have a mobile app that is engaging, flexible, fast and sharp. With services from the best mobile app development company in the USA, you can achieve exactly that!

Trademarks of Applications Built by the Everyday Success Team

Every successful business in 2020 has a dedicated app. Hence, it is now more important than ever for each application to execute with high performance since the user is quick to uninstall with the range of options available. Our team employs the best architecture so that your app is optimized for great performance!


Using the best technologies with encryption, high-level authentication and tamper detection technologies, the application is locked so that your business application does not go out even for a second.

User experience

Customers tend to install and keep apps that have the most features and for that, we make sure that our application has a delightful experience to offer and has a design that is so intuitive that even those who are not so tech savvy are able to use it with ease!


Businesses are constantly expanding and their applications would be useless if they weren’t changing with the times. The architecture used in the application is flexible so that additional protocols and modern technologies can be integrated with ease and the application always evolves as your business does!

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IOS application development services

Our team makes applications with extreme precision for the high demanding platforms incorporating the IOS system. Choose the best mobile application development service for iPhone and iPad with EveryDay Success Team.

Android app development services

Get your application and hence your business available to a wider user base with feature rich and power packed android applications from a team of industry veterans at EveryDay Success Team.


We also offer hybrid application development services employing technologies such as flutter and react native from the legion of modern technology expertise available to our leading team. Hence, the final product is powerful, efficient and provides a seamless user experience!


As the leading app development company in the USA, EveryDay Success Team has a rigorous 8 step agile development process the application goes through with extreme precision and care due to the efforts of our leading team experts who bring years of experience to the table in creating your custom app!

01 Project brainstorm

A mobile application does not have a one size fits all approach. Each application has to be built keeping in mind the main business objectives and vision so that it can reap the maximum ROI. For this purpose, our team of analysts and curators hold elaborate discussions on the best way to take the project and design a prototype where each element, down to the dots of the i’s are very carefully placed to serve the purpose of the business.

02 Getting into the systems

Next, we look at different frameworks and technologies so that a mix of the best ones can be used to create your project. This is done through careful research and experimentation along with experienced tinkering so that your application is an amalgamation of the best used practices and the latest technology.

03 Establishing the Underlying Architecture

Before creating the application we believe in thoroughly researching your business and understanding its functional and non-functional needs so that we can help you choose an appropriate software architecture for your mobile app. Most business clients who don’t understand tech terms, leave this part to us but since we believe in transparency throughout the project, we make sure to keep you in the loop each step of the way.

04 Design

Design is something that we take very seriously. Each word, font type, color and layout are elaborately designed and placed. This is so that your prototype is all that your business stands for, its core values and a validation of its value proposition

05 Quality Assurance Checks

Being one of the best mobile development agencies in the USA, EveryDay Success Team makes sure that nothing falls through under the scrutinizing eyes of our careful Quality Assurance Engineers. Using several checks at multiple checkpoints, the mobile application is made free of bugs so that the users can have a seamless experience.

06 The execution

With the perfect planning, the final app development is done efficiently and with speed so that no aspect of the application falls through the cracks. Using the right frameworks for your business needs, our team creates a robust application that has performance, speed and user friendliness as its main hallmarks.

07 The deployment

Once the final application is made, we take your feedback, to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the final product. Since collaboration and transparency are our priorities throughout the process, the application is usually built with constant feedback from our client. Thereafter, the application is submitted on its respective app store and we ensure that it gives nothing short of exceptional services.

08 Maintenance and support

Once the application is built and deployed, we make sure to keep in touch with our clients and due to our regular security updates, the application always stays on top of its game!


Time to expand your business

Our mission is to provide you with the best services, top notch support and best pricing so you can reach your business goals with a team that cares!

Benefits of a custom app

instant trust

Having a custom app on the App Store instantly brings your brand massive credibility because its clear you are established in what you do.

More oppurtunity

Now that you are on the App Store, you have the opportunity to reach millions of new users. Everyone has a phone and being able to have your app on their screen is 24/7 marketing for your brand!

Increased site usability

Having an app is giving your clients their most preferred platform. Keeping you relevant and fresh in their minds at all times and providing them with the simplest way to keep up with you as the phone is becoming the new computer,

    A specialist will be reaching out to you within the next 24-48 hours to discuss your goals and how we can help!



    We continue to innovate everyday to stay ahead of the game and provide our clients with the best results the industry has to offer!

    Frequently asked questions about our business plans.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    01 Do I need an app?
    Of course! That is if you are taking your business/brand very serious. Computers are not used nearly as much and phones are used 90% of the time. Don't you want to give your clients/customers the option to have your logo on their home screen at all times?
    02 How does it work?
    After your free consultation with one of our specialists, we put together a game-plan based on your goals and get working on your application. Typically, we can build a custom app from start to finish in 20-30 days depending on the project.
    03 How much does this cost?
    Prices can vary greatly from project to project but basic apps start at $5,000.
    04 Can my app and website communicate?
    100%! We can even give you a full website re-build as well so both are fully custom and work together to give your customers an easy platform to use both on their computer and phone.
    05 Who will build my app?
    We have a team of developers highly skilled in app development, web development and design and many other trades. No 2 apps will ever be the same and working with us insures satisfaction as we will always go above and beyond to make sure you love your project for years to come!